Sorry To Hear You’re Leaving! 😢
From the Desk of Breynan Hammons:

It looks like you found the one page I never hoped you would ever find! 

You’re thinking about leaving GrowthCode™ Mastery. 

To be totally upfront with you I know that you’re here because you’ve made up your mind... 

“I'm leaving Breynan, I hope you’re going to make this painless and easy” — I get it, don’t worry, I will! 

We probably know each other pretty well by now, so you shouldn't expect anything else but the professional integrity you’ve become accustomed to.

That’s why I totally respect your decision to leave, even though I might not agree with your reasons 😉

So look, I'll keep this super short and sweet. 

The only thing I ask is you read this page thoroughly. 

Firstly, the purpose of this page is NOT to try and convince you to stick around.

I do, however, want to share a few essential things that you DO need to know before the door slams shut.

Quite frankly, I would hate for anything to get lost in communication as we off-board you as a GC Mastery Member. 

That’s why we created this page, so you have everything you need to know in one place.

So by now, you should have received a date for when your Membership ends. This is the day that your access will be lost.

Let me share a brief breakdown of the features you’ll no have access to when your subscription finishes:
GC Community — You will not be able to access the Community on desktop or via the Mobile App. Your previous posts will not be accessible including links to external resources.

Weekly GC Mastery Virtual Mastermind —  You will not be permitted to attend the Weekly Mastermind Call. You will no longer have access to the past recordings.

Weekly Growth Coaching Q&A — You or your Team will not be permitted to attend the Weekly Growth Coaching Q&A. You will no longer have access to the past recordings.

​Member Concierge — You will no longer receive email support via for help with campaigns, automations, funnels or copy. This includes any outstanding requests.

​GrowthCode Portal — Our Vault of information products and GrowthCode LIVE and Automation Playbook Recordings will no longer be accessible

​GC Growth Portal — You will no longer have access to the 8-week training curriculum, worksheets, fill-in-the-blank templates, cheatsheets, and custom tools

​GrowthCode Mastery Portal — You will not be able to watch the library of Live Event Mastermind Recordings

​Automation Campaigns — Access to pre-built Automation Campaigns for Active Campaign and Infusionsoft will no longer be able to be requested or accessed

​ClickFunnels Template Library — You will lose access to the funnel template library and rights to use our designs.

​Knowledge base — You will no longer have access to our self-serve technical support articles, tutorials and explainer videos

​Custom Code and Software Scripts — If you are using any code on your websites, such as Wistia video tracking scripts and other custom scripts for ClickFunnels etc. These will no longer be supported and may no longer function as they did previously.

​Special Pricing with Software Partners — In regards to any special pricing on software subscriptions or services, we will notify our Partners you are no longer part of the Scale program. This may impact your subscription price. Examples would be Keap, ClickFunnels, Active Campaign, Hyros —  these kinds of tools where we have special arrangements for Member Only pricing may increase.

That covers everything you need to know, but there are few questions I get on the rare occasion someone is leaving us...

What’s the deal with Re-entering the group?

Well, the simple answer is you can't 😕. To protect the integrity of the group, we don’t allow past Members in their current business to pause and rejoin. This is with the exception of any special circumstances that I have personally pre-approved. 

If I’m approved, what is the investment to rejoin as a different business?

As you probably know, the investment to join GrowthCode Master increases each year. If you are approved to rejoin this will be at the current rate, not at a previous lower rate or under a grandfathered discount you have right now. 

The current investment to join GC Mastermind today as I write this, is $50k annually. If you are paying less right now, lucky you! But you will lose this discount going forwards when you leave.

Ok... I think that just about covers everything, there's just a few more things.

If you've read everything down to this part you might be thinking:

1.) I think I'm might be a mistake — No problem, just shoot us an email and we'll get your Membership reactivated. You never know, I might even hand you a special bonus as a thank you for making a great decision to stay 🙂

2.) I'm outta here! I understand what I'm leaving behind, and it's time to exit for good — Cool... you don't have to do anything. We'll take care of your cancellation and make sure you're not billed beyond your notice period and your access is removed.

So with all that said... that just leaves me to say THANK YOU! 🙏 

Thank you for entrusting me with your business growth. 

It's been a pleasure working with you, and I wish you nothing but success in the future!

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First Day

August 23, 2018